inside my rainbow parade

all the euphoric shades in my day

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Despite getting some hate for not having my own style, I’m happy I spent 2013 experimenting with these fun looks! 

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the spring butterfly by MahmoudBader

Here I am in this far part of the world and I feel so small and uncertain. My boyfriends at work until early tomorrow morning, im just lying in our empty apartment with a few of our things feeling a bit like I need a hug
The tenant from before us left his long browny blonde hair in the shower and all over the floor. I feel like his energy is really entrenched in this place still and I dont like the energy of him. Tomorrow I will get some insence and start cleaning this house to the max… I’ll bring a new good energy in to it. We are gonna grow flowers. Life is gonna be good.
I love you life
Thank you for bringing us here

x x x

How do I even have such a wonderful boyfriend
He is my favorite of all favorites, there will never be anyone like us


Fuco Ueda

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Sometimes I get really down about my lack of skills… but I remember Justin Bieber and then shit I throw while blackout drunk doesn’t seem so bad.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAH hahahahahahahaha this is BRILLIANT!